Pandemonium is a scenario paintball event originally produced by BS Paintball Productions and currently hosted by Mudcrab at the world’s largest paintball field, D-DAY ADVENTURE PARK. The game is packed full of exciting features, has a fantasy/steampunk/dieselpunk theme, and an EPIC player-driven story that each participant has a hand in creating. This document contains the event’s complete rulebook as well as the complete saga of the game’s history and lore from its inception.


  1. Toxic, unruly, or criminal behavior is not tolerated in camp or on the field. Don't be a dick. Period.

  2. Real weapons of any kind are not allowed in camp, on the field, or in the vendor area.

  3. Participants must be 12 or older and minors 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult or group who will assist/watch them.

  4. Participants must adhere to these camp/facility rules.


  1. Goggles: Goggles are by far the most important piece of safety equipment on the field. All persons (players, media, staff, spectators, etc) MUST wear goggles at ALL times when on the playing field. All goggle systems must be ASTM approved. During play, the only time you may remove your goggles is if you are safely within a NETTED deadzone. If your mask is knocked off during play DO NOT LOOK FOR YOUR MASK, instead, IMMEDIATELY drop to the ground and cover your face and shout “Blind man!” and wait for a player or ref to return your goggle system to you.

  2. Barrel Blocking Devices: You must have a barrel sock/condom/cover on your marker at all times when not on the playing field. Barrel “Plug” inserts are not allowed. If you encounter a person without a barrel cover on their marker while not in play, immediately remind them to put their barrel cover on. You have the right to ensure that other people respect your eyesight, and others have the right to ensure that you respect theirs.

  3. Chronograph: Marker velocity speeds cannot exceed 285 feet per second. After your initial chronograph, ref-staff will spot-check players on the field. We take velocity very seriously. It is your responsibility to ensure your marker is calibrated correctly.

  4. Paint: Mudcrab Paintball events are FIELD PAINT ONLY. If you are found shooting any object that isn’t a paintball, such as a reball, you will be ejected from the event and possibly faced with criminal charges. The only exception to this rule exists when BYOP bracelets are offered.

  5. Injury: If you are injured in any way or encounter an injured player on the field, call out for a ref and stay put until help arrives. Inform any nearby players that there is an injury on the field. If a person is seriously injured do not attempt to move said person until help arrives. Even in an emergency situation, players are not allowed to call a general cease-fire.

  6. HPA/C02: events held at D-Day Adventure Park are HPA only and do not offer C02 fill services, nor are C02 tanks other than 12G’s cartridges allowed during play.


  1. In the event of a player losing their goggles or being injured, every player within the vicinity must call “blindman”.

  2. Upon hearing “blindman”, each player is to cease play, safe their weapon, take a knee and repeat calling “blindman”. Do not move, do not fire.

  3. Play shall resume once event staff have cleared the situation and all players are safe to continue.

  4. In the event of a player losing their goggles, the player must cover their face and keep their head down until another player or staff can assist them in recovering their eye protection.


  1. All markers must chronograph at or below 285 FPS.

  2. First strike players must chronograph with first strike rounds.

  3. All markers must be inspected and tagged by staff to ensure FPS restrictions are followed.

  4. All launchers must be commercially made and fire approved Nerf projectiles. Launchers/projectiles must be chronographed, inspected, and tagged by game staff to be field legal.


  1. Any paintball strike larger than a penny eliminates a player.

  2. Any amount of paint from a paint grenade or flame thrower eliminates a player.

  3. If a medic is nearby, an eliminated player may call out for a medic and sit in place (head-shots cannot be revived).

  4. Medics must be identified with a white arm band and will be given a medic tag.

  5. Players may "drag" an eliminated player to a new location to be revived by placing a hand on their shoulder and WALKING with them to the new location.

  6. Players may not wait longer than 5 minutes for a revive. Players are not required to wait this duration before returning to spawn.

  7. Eliminated players that have not been revived must re-spawn at their faction FOB or at a rally point.

  8. In the event of an actual medical emergency, the term "REAL WORLD" or "EMT" will be used by staff and players.


  1. Capture zones generate resources and points for the side who hold them.

  2. To seize a capture zone a side must control the area and raise their flag on the flag station.


This section includes information on everything involved in the scenario beyond basic paintball rules.


Depending on the scenario, each faction could possibly have a number of MEDIC player slots available. These slots are filled at the faction leader’s discretion. Each Medic must have a white armband with Red Cross (these must be furnished by the players, so bring some white cloth if you’re interested in being a medic). Medics should carry some kind of towel/microfiber with which to wipe hits on wounded players.

For the purpose of the event there will be 2 types of “HITS” considered:

  • WOUNDING HITS will be considered as paintball strikes to the legs, arms, feet, hands, or marker/hopper

  • ELIMINATING HITS will be considered as paintball strikes to the head, chest, back or groin areas

Medics in Play:

Upon receiving a WOUNDING HIT a player must sit/lay on the ground as if wounded. The wound player may call out for a medic and use radios or issue commands but must cease all aggressive action. Medics have roughly 60 seconds to respond to a player. Enemy forces MAY CONTINUE FIRING while a player waits for a medic and MEDICS CAN BE ELIMINATED per standard paintball rules. Wounded plays can only move if they’re in direct contact with a friendly player, during which they may walk themselves to their destination to simulate being ”dragged/fireman carried”.

Once a Medic reaches a player, the MEDIC must FIRST ENSURE that the player has no ELIMINATING HITS. If The MEDIC finds an eliminating hit, the player must then proceed to the appropriate Dead Zone. IF no ELIMINATING HITS are found, then the MEDIC may then WIPE any WOUNDING HITS, and the Player may continue to Play-On. While in PLAY and NOT ASSISTING WOUNDED PLAYERS, the MEDIC behaves as any typical player, and can eliminate other players, be eliminated or assist in capturing objectives. Any MEDIC attending to a player, must cease aggressive action until the MEDIC Duties are complete.


Each side has access to two MOBILE TELEPORTER UNITS (MTUs) which allow the faction to respawn eliminated players instantly (touch and go). Mobile Teleporter Units are represented by painted barrels with PVC “antennas” marked with the flag of each faction. Mobile Teleporters also have clicker-counters attached to them that all players must use before respawning in order for the game staff track eliminations. These elimination statistics do not affect game scoring and only serve to enhance the story with “casualty counts” for each side.

Deployment Rules:

  • MTUs can only be moved by Engineers, the Faction Commander, or Game Staff

  • If an MTU falls under direct enemy fire it may not be used as an active respawn until it has been moved out of combat or the fire stops

  • MTUs cannot be placed on top of objective sites and may be moved at any time by the event staff if its position creates an unfair advantage.

To destroy an enemy Mobile Teleporter Unit do one of the following:

  • Carefully remove the unit’s “Antenna” placing it next to the teleporter

  • Strike the unit with anti-tank paint

  • Strike the unit with a launcher-fired rocket

Destroyed Mobile Teleporter Rules:

  • A destroyed teleporter must be moved by an approved player to the faction headquarters or a game-staff specified location in order to be “repaired” and redeployed

  • Approved players may “dead-walk” to retrieve the teleporter if it becomes isolated behind enemy lines.


Bombs - Explosive props which may be encountered on the field or won for the faction via MTG.

Bombs include three parts:

  • Fuse

  • Charge

  • Body

Bombs in Play:
Each of these components can be discovered on the field separately or found completely assembled. To deploy a bomb, a player must possess a completely assembled bomb and notify a referee. After the ref confirms the bomb as live, the player may place the bomb. Bombs have a blast radius of 15 feet, enforced by a ref, and ignore all cover. The planter has 5 seconds to evacuate the blast zone once their hand leaves the prop or also be eliminated. Once a bomb is detonated, it cannot be reused.


Poultryizer - The Amazing Poultryizer! Turn your enemies, or friends, into feathered fowl and steal their bunker! A hand thrown chicken bomb which may be discovered on the field or won via MTG.

To deploy the Poultryizer, a player must possess a rubber chicken and notify a referee of their desired target which must be within the player’s line of sight, giving the referee their chicken. When activated, all players within a 15 foot target area are turned into chickens for 60 seconds. Players MUST displace from their cover while acting as a chicken (chicken dancing, flapping arms, etc). Otherwise the player is eliminated. Chickified players may loiter around the area for the duration of the spell, but may not engage other players. Chickified players are immune to eliminations. If an enemy player takes the chickified player’s original position, the chickified player must seek cover elsewhere.


Each faction at Pandemonium may deploy a number of players with hand-held shields that may cover up to half of that person’s body mass and the entirety of their width. These player slots are allocated to the players by the faction commander like a heavy weapon. First come, first serve.


  1. Size: The shield may not cover more than half of the player person’s body mass, described as the distance between their knees and their nipples, and it may cover the entirety of their width. The shield must not be wide enough to provide cover for more than one person. If a shield is found to be larger than that defined size, the player will not be allowed to use that shield in the game, and it must remain off the field.

  2. Construction: We encourage the players to get very creative with their shield designs. It is highly encouraged that they implement the shield with some sort of cosplay to fit the game’s theme. The shield must be constructed of a material that can safely withstand paintball impacts without creating hazards such as shards, broken edges, splinters, etc. The shield may not have a firing slit on their face, nor anything protruding from the front, back or side that may cause bodily injury to other players.


  1. Marker restrictions: Players using shields may only use semi-auto (no-ramping) markers.

  2. Elimination/Medics: Players making use of a shield may not be revived by a field medic, and must return to the dead zone when hit anywhere not on the shield.

  3. Sharing: Players are allowed to pass their shields to other players on the field so long as that player understands the rules and regulations that govern shields and that the shield still abides by the size restrictions when given to the other player. If a player is making use of a shield incorrectly the shield will be removed from play for the duration of the operation.

  4. Physical Contact: You are not allowed to make contact with, or “shield bash”, other players under any circumstances. Violating this rule can result in ejection from the game.



MTG portions of the event will be held in the vendor area. Any registered player may participate in the card games at any time games are underway. Discounted tickets are available for persons interested in only taking part in the card games and the LARP aspects of the scenario. These Magic games will have a direct impact on the playing field in the form of game points and special player ability unlocks for each side. Additionally, players may have the chance to win prizes with their victories as well.


The gaming hall shall be overseen by a staff appointed GAME MASTER. The game master will adjudicate all official player vs player duels and award game points, special abilities, and prizes to the victors of said duels.

All official duels will be played with blind pre-built decks. These decks will be provided to the players by the game staff. Players may bring their own decks to play for “funsies” amongst themselves in the game hall as well. Official duels can include 1v1 or 2v2 formats.

The game master will not adjudicate non-official games played for “funsies” amongst the persons gathered in the gaming hall.


If at any time there isn't a player population capable of supporting player vs player duels within the gaming hall players may duel against the game master in order to earn game points, special abilities, and prizes.


Audibles, special games, and general surprises may be introduced by the game master at their discretion. Any game points, special abilities won by the players for their faction will be relayed immediately to the head referee via radio, text, or cell call and become active as soon as the head referee informs the respective faction commander.


Paintball fighting vehicles, otherwise known as “tanks”, are any purpose-built vehicle meant to take part in a paintball battle. Tanks must abide by the safety rules and regulations outlined on the D-Day Adventure Park tank forms which can be found on the Oklahoma D-Day webpage.


  1. Tanks must have 360 degree visibility for the driver. There must be safety netting for the window areas so the view can be clear at all times. No glass windows allowed. All exposed glass or weak plastics must be covered by paintball netting. Windshield wipers must be operational.

  2. Tanks must be mechanically capable of getting around the field. Vehicle brakes must be in good operational condition.

  3. Tanks must furnish their own 2’ x 3’ white neutral flag as well as a 2’ x 3’ yellow AT check flag.

  4. Tanks must have a “kill sticker” targeting system on their vehicle. If new stickers are needed please contact the event staff.

  5. Tanks must furnish their own fire-extinguisher.

  6. Tanks MUST have a stopwatch, clipboard, pen/pencil, and hole punch.

  7. Tanks must have a radio.


  1. Heavy Weapons will generally abide by Oklahoma D-Day rules and regulations in both operation and construction.

  2. Heavy Weapons may have one AP Marker and one AT Marker with no limitation on hopper capacity on either markers. The AT Marker must be marked with some kind of tape. Gunners MUST use firing ports when firing AT paint.

  3. Heavy Weapons crews may leave their HW in the location it was destroyed, but if the crewman is shot when trying to return to the position he is considered eliminated. At any time a HW crewman may dead-walk to return his HW to a DZ.

  4. When a heavy weapon is destroyed by either AT-paint or a rocket only the crewman, persons using it for cover, and the gun itself is eliminated. There is no “blast radius”. No persons except the official crewman may move the HW.


  1. AT Paint: The faction commanders will provide an amount of AT paint to their AT players, Heavy Weapons, and aligned tanks.

  2. Tank Marker restrictions: Tanks are limited to two AP Markers and one AT Marker if the vehicle is provided AT paint by a faction. The AT Marker must be clearly marked with tape.

  3. AT Paint Eliminations: AT Paint Eliminations will abide by Oklahoma D-Day armor mechanics. AT players must furnish their own brightly colored rag to waive down the vehicle during a paint check. When an AT player flags down a vehicle, that player is considered neutral and cannot be eliminated until they return to the location they initially fired from. Tanks that are under check are considered neutral and may not be eliminated by AT paint or rocket strike while under check. If the paint check deems that the vehicle has not been eliminated, the vehicle may drive under a neutral flag to a safe location and return to active play. (ONE AT-PAINT STRIKE ELIMINATES THE VEHICLE)

  4. Nerf Eliminations: When a vehicle is struck with a rocket from an approved nerf launcher, the vehicle is firstly considered IMMOBILIZED and must cease moving immediately. If the vehicle crew is unaware that they’ve been struck, the AT player may flag the vehicle down to notify the vehicle crew that they have been hit. A second NERF strike within a two minute window eliminates the vehicle. AT players must furnish their own brightly colored rag to waive down the vehicle. When an AT player flags down a vehicle, that player is considered neutral and cannot be eliminated until they return to the location they initially fired their rocket from. Tanks that are under check are considered neutral and may not be eliminated by AT paint or rocket strike while under check. If the check deems that the vehicle has not been eliminated, the vehicle may drive under a neutral flag to a safe location and return to active play. (ONE NERF STRIKE IMMOBILIZES - A SECOND WITHIN 120 SECONDS ELIMINATES THE VEHICLE)

  5. Traversal: Tanks may traverse freely in areas specified by game staff.


Suits of powered protective armor which protects the wearer from paintball eliminations. Suits operate on a vulnerable power supply represented through a balloon affixed to the suit’s back or by a target plate. Suits can only be deployed if the faction has the ability card to do so. All suit/walking tank rules are subject to change at any moment. (Experimental) Limit one per side.


  1. If you are interested in building a walking tank or juggernaut suit, please contact the game admin as they are currently in a highly experimental phase.


  1. Marker restrictions: Players utilizing walking tanks or juggernaut suits may use no more than two of their own markers.

  2. Elimination/Medics: Walking tanks and juggernauts may not be revived by medics. Juggernaut suits are eliminated through the destruction of the power-supply balloon affixed to their back or by hitting designated target plates.

  3. Sharing: Players are allowed to share suits and walking tanks on the field so long as that player understands the rules and regulations that govern them. If a player is making use of a suit or walking tank incorrectly the items will be removed from play for the duration of the operation.

  1. Physical Contact: You are not allowed to make contact with other players under any circumstances. Violating this rule can result in ejection from the game.