Wargame Weekend is a 3-Day Scenario Paintball Event created by Mudcrab Milsim and hosted at D-Day Adventure Park in Wyandotte Oklahoma. Inspired by legendary scenario games like Oklahoma D-Day and Fulda Gap, Wargame Weekend passes more than twenty years of paintball legacies to a new generation.

For this event players, teams, and organizations sign up as members of Red Force or Blue Force and compete in four elaborate wargame scenarios based on American military history. This experience comes from professional and passionate organizers at one of the largest paintball facilities in the world and features camping, vendors, paintball tanks, military vehicles, a cancer charity paintball tournament, in camp hyperball fields, prizes, raffles, and more.

We hope you will join us for three days of camping, paintball, and time with good friends at WARGAME WEEKEND! Please read more about our event at our website and be sure to follow us on social media for game updates.



OCTOBER 7 - 9, 2022

The facility has bathrooms and showers (hot water not-guaranteed) as well as RV slots (30 amp) available for purchase. General camping is included with your ticket purchase. The facility is 10 minutes away from Seneca, Missouri and the Indigo Sky Casino/Hotel and 25 minutes from Neosho, Missouri.


Both sides will be assessed and scored by the following metrics during most of our wargame scenarios. It is up to the players to work together to achieve their goals.

CONTROL POINTS: capture and hold control sites to score points and generate resources to call in game assets or trigger special conditions.

FRAGO POINTS: complete more FRAGOs than the enemy. FRAGOs are special missions handed out through the chain of command. FRAGOs are tailored to the scenario/platoon and will score your side points and unlock special conditions.

SHENANIGAN POINTS: complete more shenanigans than the enemy. Engaging in shenanigans and encouraging an atmosphere of camaraderie and sportsmanship will earn your side shenanigan points.

the chain of command

Players are divided into two teams: RED FORCE and BLUE FORCE. Each force has a full military-style chain of command made up of players who are invested in the experience and safety of their troops as well as a desire to perform well on the field. Forces are divided into companies, platoons, and squads.

The chain of command exists to distribute information to the average player and to provide for the safety and organization of troops. Not to give you orders or boss you around.

All player leaders will adhere to the Wargame Oklahoma Officer Standards.

companies and platoonS

Companies and platoons are how we organize players in the field and are an important part of Wargame Weekend. The highest order of battle at our events, a company is typically between 100 - 250 men. Within each company are four unique platoons. Each platoon serves a unique purpose on the playing field and are given unique missions during scenarios.

Read about the types of platoon below. Important information is often passed down through the chain of command so campers are encouraged to seek out their platoon and company campgrounds if staying on site.


Frontline troops meant to make up the bulk of each company. In the action all day, players of any mindset and playstyle can find a home in the infantry. These units storm the beaches and hold the trenches and have a great time on, and off, the field. Perfect for families and large teams.


Airborne units generally cover a lot of ground during the event and are often far from resupply and respawn. Often beginning play behind enemy lines, players who are generally fit, typically 16+, and organized do well in these units.


This platoon is given special objectives by game control and their chain of command. Due to the nature of their shenanigans, this unit is best suited for adults who are well organized and itching to play all day.


Support vehicles, tanks, and airplanes. Each vehicle class operates under specialized rules. All paintball fighting vehicles must carry their own liability insurance and register with admin@mudcrabmilsim.com.


Anti-tank specialists, heavy weapon operators, and supporting ground troops generally deploy as attachments to other platoons during operations. Hunt opposing paintball tanks, planes, hardpoints, and heavy weapons. These units handle AT orientation and the distribution of all special role AT cards.


operation neptune

On June 6th, 1944, the greatest naval and airborne invasion in history took place in Normandy France. The featured scenario for Wargame Weekend is based on the D-Day Landings and focuses on WWII themed FRAGOS, beach assaults, airborne drops, and armored warfare. Do you have what it takes to make it through the hardest day?

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operation ranger rave

The infamous Mudcrab Milsim night-game. Inspired by 25 years of night time shenanigans, fight under starlight shells, fireworks, and road-flares. An exercise in chaos and a player mixer all in one, this game is not officially scored. Players will be provided glow sticks to indicate their side and one to hold up when eliminated.

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